Should I Ever Poison An Opossum?

Pennsylvania animals dwelling beneath the ground such as worms and rodents cannot be fended off. There shall be no less than one rat family in your attic or a clan of possums feeding on your crops that you may come across at least once in a year. Regular inspections can decrease the likelihood of their existence in your locality, but cannot cut off the cycle completely.

In the regimen of getting rid of possums, poisoning does not stand any chance. Harrisburg possums are meant to exist in your environment and the fact remains constant. However, there are certain ways by which you can drive their fleet away from your surroundings in a rather respectable manner.

Opossums are marsupials that are endemic to North America. Having them in your homes and gardens can only bring harm to the place, as they steal and feed on pet food, fruits and veggies. Possums also chew most of the household material and carve holes in walls. If you are a person who cringes even at the thought of a messy place, possums can make you the greatest enemies of all times.

You may think of trapping and shifting them off to some unknown land, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Harrisburg possums are smart enough to not to show up during daylight. They are nocturnal. You may rarely see the specie, but their tiny foot prints and droppings can hint you about their existence near you. One of the most crucial reasons to extirpate the possum family from your house is that they are sources of certain parasites that infect the enteric as well as neurological systems of humans and animals. An example is "Sarcocystis neurona", a parasite responsible for the "Equine protozoal myeloenchephalitis (EPM) disease in horses.

Another reason why you shouldn't poison opossums is that the strategy may turn out to be useless. These animals contain a protein known as "Lethal Toxin-Neutralizing Factor" that nullifies the effects of most of the toxic substances. This makes them naturally immune to most of the lethal snake venoms, as well as to the poisons made by man to slay the rodents.

Instead of intoxicating them to death, which is rather an inhumane act, you can try some possum-repelling methods to make your life rodent-free.

Clean your place:
Litter and garbage attract the possums. Hence, make sure that there isn't any litter inside your house as well as on the outside. The dustbins must be shut tight and the surrounding area must be clean. Swipe away fallen dead leaves, twigs and fruits from the ground. Pet food must be covered and the barbeque grill must not be left stained with food and in case you have one.

Cover the tiny inlets:
Vents, exhaust fans, chimneys, etc. provide an easy access to these rodents. Hence, there must be some appropriate covering for all these kinds of openings. You can place a rock over the inlets that you think are not useful anymore.

Place moth balls:
The scent of moth balls is annoying to the possums and it keeps them away. Hence, you can place one in your fabrics to save them from being chewed away. There are certain other types of possum-repellants available in the market that can make you some useful strategies. Do not go after the ultrasonic sound emitters as they have been deemed futile for this purpose.

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